ACH Credit

Our low fee structure expands your online payment acceptance, regardless of your lending vertical. In addition, online payment processing can reduce the human resources demand that comes with other forms of payment such as mailed checks or with the processing of ACH payments over the phone.

End-to-End Processing

In conjunction with our innovative debt repayment acceptance platform, LoanPaymentPro offers a powerful end-to-end processing solution for lenders.

The heart of our platform is the technology-driven loan payment processing system. Our platform helps you increase loan approval rates, decrease default rates, and reduce missed payments – but LoanPaymentPro offers so much more for anyone operating in the short-term B2B or consumer lending arena.

Our platform was created for lenders, by lenders, to provide a highly compliant and cost-effective loan processing solution. Our goal is to help you increase operational efficiency, transform the borrower experience and, ultimately, improve your portfolio’s performance.

Woman Holding a Credit Card Infront of laptop

All the Tools You Need 
Within one single platform

We are a revolutionary merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry.

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