A secure and reliable approach to seamless automatic payments and real-time monitoring.

About Pull Payments
With pull payments, the payee “pulls” or automatically withdraws funds from a customer’s bank account on a recurring basis. Pull payments offer a convenient payment option, enabling automatic withdrawals for recurring transactions (with prior authorization) while reducing the risk of fraud and errors. You can rely on LoanPaymentPro’s forty years of lending experience for a secure and reliable approach to seamless automatic payments and real-time monitoring to prevent unauthorized transactions.
Debit & Credit Card Acceptance
LoanPaymentPro simplifies debit and credit card acceptance for your business. Securely collect payments directly from customers' bank accounts, streamlining transactions and automating the payment flow. Experience efficient and reliable payment processing with our solution.
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Debit & Credit Card Processing
LoanPaymentPro streamlines debit and credit card processing for businesses. Our secure and efficient payment processing solution enables seamless transactions, providing a hassle-free checkout experience. Accept card payments with confidence and enhance your business's financial operations. Request a demo to learn more.
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ACH Debit
We offer convenient ACH debit processing for businesses. With our reliable payment solution, you can efficiently collect payments directly from customers' bank accounts, ensuring secure and automated transactions. Simplify your payment process with ACH debit. Contact us for a demo today.
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"One of the standout features of LoanPaymentPro is its intuitive design. Navigating through the platform was a breeze, and I quickly found all the necessary tools to manage my loan payments effectively. The user interface was clean, visually appealing, and logically organized, making it easy for even those with limited technical expertise to use."

Mark S.

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"We brought LPP on as our credit card processor in several locations and the integration was seamless. More importantly, the customer service is unparalleled."

John G.

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We are a revolutionary merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry.

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