LoanPaymentPro and Accelitas announce strategic partnership to deliver instant validation and payment solutions

Integrated products address digital demand, increasing fraud risk, stricter compliance rules, and greater opportunity.

"Having this partnership with Accelitas allows LoanPaymentPro to bring forth industry leading bank account validation and verification data that enhances payment acceptance.”

— James Celli, LoanPaymentPro Founder & CEO

BLOOMINGDALE, IL, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 / -- The unprecedented demand in digital transactions and a generational change in consumer behavior are reshaping how the world does business. LoanPaymentPro and Accelitas have launched a strategic partnership to deliver frictionless account validation and payment processing for companies required to make financial decisions at “the speed of now.”

LoanPaymentPro is a leading provider of innovative, technology-driven payment and funding solutions in both consumer finance and debt repayment spaces. They’ve teamed up with Accelitas, a pioneer in AI-powered predictive analytics for account validation and alternative credit scoring. As fully integrated partners, Accelitas and LoanPaymentPro will provide their customers with an end-to-end solution that helps companies improve ACH success rates, mitigate fraud risk, stay compliant with Nacha verification rules, and seamlessly collect and distribute funds.

“The timing is right,” says Jimmy Williams, Accelitas SVP, National Sales Manager. “Companies are aware of the new Nacha mandates and understand the growing demands of the digital marketplace. LoanPaymentPro are experts at instant funding platforms, and our partnership will not only answer our customers’ immediate needs, it can help them grow new business.”

Accelitas provides up-to-the-minute account validation with unmatched consumer coverage – 98% of all US Accounts – delivering a frictionless customer experience without the use of Online Banking (OLB) credentials. Proprietary analytics and risk modeling produce indicators on the validity, association, and risk of the bank account information submitted. Accelitas offers three BAV products, targeting lower value/lower risk ACH transactions, higher value/higher risk transactions, and an FCRA version with real-time consumer behavioral data that can be used for Adverse Action purposes. These non-credentialed services provide a more intelligent and economical alternative, delivering real-time confirmation of active accounts, including the elimination of “fat-finger” errors when manually entering routing and account numbers. Businesses that validate with Accelitas typically see a 30% lift in coverage beyond traditional bank data consortiums.

“Having this partnership with Accelitas allows LoanPaymentPro to bring forth industry leading bank account validation and verification data that enhances payment acceptance,” says James Celli, LoanPaymentPro’s Founder and CEO. “This is all made possible with their innovative and intelligent platform backed by their incredibly talented team and data scientists.”

LoanPaymentPro utilizes proprietary technology to provide the most compliant and cost-effective bankcard, ACH, and instant funding platform for all types of lenders. With its own proprietary payment Validation and Verification function, LoanPaymentPro’s technology decreases fraudulent transactions, increases successful payments, and simultaneously reduces borrower defaults. The technology firm also has multiple exclusive relationships with ODFI Sponsor Banks to provide customers with financial assurance and redundancy. LoanPaymentPro offers Real-Time Push-To-Card funding for loan disbursement (direct funding to borrowers), and their payment gateway is fully integrated into the leading Loan Management Software providers to easily integrate into a lender’s platform of choice.

“Accelitas is quickly becoming the leading banking data and intelligence providers in the consumer finance industry” said Michael Perkins, SVP of Channel Partnerships for LoanPaymentPro. “Integrating Accelitas’ predictive analytics and bank validation products into our gateway will not only enable our clients to stay compliant with NACHA rules, but also reduce their fraud risk.”

About Accelitas

Accelitas® is reimagining financial access through the transformative power of data. Our AI-powered predictive analytics and alternative data sources deliver fast, fair, and frictionless ways to help companies achieve business growth and financial inclusion. Powered by the real-time web services of its Accelerated Insight® Platform, the company provides innovative ways to seamlessly validate accounts and accept more creditworthy borrowers. The company is headquartered in Petaluma, California.


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About LoanPaymentPro

LoanPaymentPro is a leading provider of innovative and technology-driven payment and funding solutions in the consumer finance and debt repayment industries. LoanPaymentPro's proprietary API-driven platform provides flexible and automated solutions that allows for frictionless experience for both its clients and their customers. The company is headquartered in Bloomingdale, Illinois.


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