Alchemy Partners with LoanPaymentPro to Provide Real-Time Funding and Payment Solutions

CHICAGOJuly 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- LoanPaymentPro ("LoanPaymentPro"), a leading provider of innovative and technology-driven payment and funding solutions in the debt repayment space, today announced its partnership with Alchemy Technologies ("Alchemy), one of the leading SaaS fintech infrastructure development company serving financial institutions, specialty financing companies, Point of Sale financing, online and brick and mortar lenders, and FinTech startups alike.

As a fully integrated partner with Alchemy, LoanPaymentPro will help power Alchemy's lenders and finance companies by providing multiple consumer-facing fund disbursement and payment products and channels, including debit card validation, real-time push-to-card funding, debit card acceptance, ACH, and remotely created checks.

With Alchemy's state of the art and completely customizable lending operating system, it can onboard banks and Fintechs as well as point of financing clients in matter of weeks. Clients can get up and up and running on Alchemy's white-labeled system and start onboarding customers immediately. Alchemy's tight integration with LoanPaymentPro makes the onboarding experience seamless. Whether it's same-day ACH, debit or credit cards, consumers can use any repayment method with ease.

"We are excited and honored to be an integral service provider within Alchemy's platform to help fuel its industry-leading functionality and value. This partnership allows us to offer our value-driven payment solutions to help lenders become more effective and efficient in accepting payments from its borrowers and consumers in a real-time setting. Timothy Li and the team at Alchemy continue to innovate and inspire lenders and partners across our vertical," said James Celli, CEO and Founder of LoanPaymentPro.

"Alchemy is quickly emerging as one of the most innovative and fastest growing Lending as a Service providers in the fintech and consumer credit industries," said Michael Perkins, SVP of Channel Partnerships for LoanPaymentPro. "Alchemy shares our passion for innovation and leveraging technology to provide a frictionless user experience to both our clients and their customers. Their team's dedication for customer service is well known in the industry and we are our joint customers are getting the best technology."

Alchemy and LoanPaymentPro have integrated at various levels through their secured, real-time APIs. LoanPaymentPro's APIs are designed for today's online and mobile driven financial services clients where accuracy and speed is paramount. In today's competitive environment, real time push-to-card and same-day ACH APIs are table stakes for the best customer experience.

"Working with James and Michael has been an awesome experience. They work fast and always have their customer's best interest in mind. They outworked their competition and we enjoy working with them to get clients up and running quickly, LoanPaymentPro has become our go-to partner when our client desires optionality and speed." – Timothy Li, CEO and Founder of Alchemy.

About Alchemy: 
Alchemy Technologies is a world-first fintech infrastructure company offering out-of-the-box technology, algorithms, and servicing to launch financial products for Banks, Specialty Financing Companies, Point of Sale Financing, and FinTech startups alike. Our leasing solution reduces the barrier to entry and brings tremendous value both in our software and industry know-how. Our end-to-end infrastructure offering includes end user experience, merchant experience, loan origination system, decision engine, loan management system, payment gateways, and secondary market access.

About LoanPaymentPro 
LoanPaymentPro is a leading provider of innovative and technology-driven payment and funding solutions in the consumer finance and debt repayment industries. LoanPaymentPro's proprietary API driven platform provides flexible and automated solutions that allows for frictionless experience for both its clients and their customers.

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