Payment Gateway

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Integration into your Loan Software and website should be simple!


With LoanPaymentPro, it simply is. LoanPaymentPro was built for Lenders, by Lenders. We speak the language of your operations and development team. That’s why we find all lenders are able to seamlessly integrate our payment gateway with little effort and in a short period of time.


LoanPaymentPro was built for easy integration into LMS (Loan Management System) software platforms.


-RESTful Web API

-Developer Center and easy to use Sandbox

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud within the lending industry is high and continues to be a much needed focus. Within the LoanPaymentPro platform and payment gateway, fraud prevention is critical and prioritized. We offer several advanced solutions when it comes to preventing fraud within the payment and payment data itself.


Using our customizable AVS and CVV rules, along with our back-end risk intelligence, you’ll be able to eliminate fraud altogether. These functions help eliminate fraudulent transactions and reduce chargebacks and chargeback-related expenses.


Speak with an LPP representative today to better understand how you can incorporate our built-in fraud prevention within your payment strategy.


Our payment gateway includes the ability to use tokenization – where LoanPaymentPro will take sensitive payment information and turn it into a “token,” a non-sensitive piece of data, and then store it in a secure vault on our end. This will also keep you out of PCI scope.


This applies to recurring billing and for à la-carte payments. When repeat customers (borrowers) want to make a one-time payment, they can do so with a one-click payment flow using their tokenized information, which is more secure and convenient for all. The result is higher  conversions and safer transactions. See our Account Updater product page to better understand how you can increase payment success rates automatically.

Flexible Integration Options (API, Hosted, Hybrid)

LoanPaymentPro offers several integration options that will suit the needs of any lender.

All the Tools You Need 
Within one single platform

We are a revolutionary merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry.

Start innovating with
LoanPaymentPro today!

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