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Our innovative loan payment processing platform was designed to improve the payment acceptance process and funds disbursement for consumer lenders of all sizes and types. More than simply a payment processing tool, however, our patent-pending platform provides all the functions and features necessary for your end-to-end loan management.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we are proud to offer customized messaging management as a part of our client services. These services help keep your borrowers and prospects informed and engaged while helping you build the trust needed to continue building your customer base.

Engage Your Customers

Customer engagement is one of the most effective ways to improve loyalty and satisfaction. When you use intent and consistency in cultivating these relationships, you can help shape how consumers view your company, the products and services you offer, and ultimately your bottom line.

Engaging your prospects – those all-important potential customers – is one of the most powerful ways to attract new borrowers and help drive their purchasing decisions.

Messaging management from LoanPaymentPro not only engages your customers and prospects, but it also helps increase their level of trust. The benefits are mutual, as engagement allows you to gather customer insight and feedback. By putting this invaluable data to work, you will have a concise roadmap for increasing volume and improving your bottom line.

Improve Your Brand Image

For any business working in the consumer lending, alternative financial or money service sectors, consumer perception is critical. This is especially true in short-term and small-dollar consumer lending. Consumers are reluctant to enter financial transactions, especially those that involve borrowing money and making payments, if they lack the necessary level of trust and confidence.

We have identified the experiences and information that consumers want and need as they move along the path to purchase. We provide you with those touchpoints that not only allow you to reach your audience consistently but that also personalize the experience and address the evolving needs of financial services consumers.

Integrate Messaging & Payment Processing

Since our technology is already integrated with most major LMS providers, our API functionality integrates seamlessly with your loan management software, point of sale system and customer resource management platforms. The result is a feature-rich user experience that is highly customizable.

With LoanPaymentPro, you have the flexibility to integrate customer engagement and messaging in the way it makes the most sense for you. You can provide information and updates about your business, answer questions, or announce exclusive offers. You can also provide periodic updates, send payment reminders, and even recognize customers on special occasions.

We offer a variety of formats and delivery channels, so you can reach your audience where they spend their time – and where your messages will be most effective.

If you would like to learn more about LoanPaymentPro’s comprehensive payment and loan processing solution, complete with our exclusive messaging management features, contact us today for a free demo.

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