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LoanPaymentPro - Revolutionary Payment Acceptance for Consumer Lenders

For the last 4 years, we have worked to develop the most complete payment acceptance solution of bank-card/debit-card processing for the Short-Term Lending Industry. Ever since chokepoint, we all know the challenges that it brought us in payment acceptance. We've created something very critical and important to your business model that is absolutely mandatory for survival and success. It is the ONLY Premier and Exclusive bank card debit card payment processing solution made specifically for the short-term loan industry. We have used 20+ years of lending-industry experience in developing this program and software platform to provide EXACTLY what your Lending company needs from a payment acceptance standpoint. Of which, we both can agree is probably one of the most, if not most important components to your business, are the means and ability to accept and process payments on loans. Sponsored by Republic Bank of Chicago as our settlement, we are revolutionizing the world of Short-Term Consumer Lending.

Some of our clients include; LendUp, Ace Cash Express, Cash America, LoanMe, Finova Financial, MoneyLion, CityTitle, WiseLoan, MoneyKey, Advance Financial, Balance Credit, and over 100 more!

Here is what LoanPaymentPro provides:

-Proven to increase payment acceptance rate with funds availability verification and active card verification tools, while lowering default rates and providing real-time payment awareness, unlike ACH.

-Make sure the lender complies with all rules and regulations set forth by Visa / MasterCard (and now Discover), state-level financial departments, Federal regulations, and of course the CFPB.

-Monitors and prevents both risk and fraud.

-Long-Term payment acceptance solution, transparently supported by 3 domestic Banks, as the only proven Visa MasterCard endorsed solution for the debt repayment short-term Lending vertical.

100% compliance with card association, state, and federal's rules and regulations

LoanPaymentPro Features & Benefits:

- 100% compliance with card association, state, and federal's rules and regulations
- Increase payment acceptance by over 35% with our processing solution, lower default rates over ACH/Check
- Maximum rate of card type acceptance, get more approved payments with LoanPaymentPro
- "Real-Time" Account Updater (automatically updated expired cards on file)
- Visa Payment Account Validation (new version of ZDA (ZERO Dollar Authorization)
- Directly certified into Visa/MasterCards's Direct API platform (new as of 2020)
- Chargeback management and mitigation tool
- Seamless integration into the Top 10 Loan Management Software systems (LMS)
- FastFund, Issue funds direct to consumer/borrower's bank card
- Apply Convenience Fees to payments made by your borrowers over the telephone and web
- Pre-Paid Card Issuance product to offer your borrowers

All the Tools You Need 
Within one single platform

We are a revolutionary merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry.


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Michael Scott 
Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin

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