LPP Sales Strategy

Strategic Pipeline Focus

LoanPaymentPro Market - Consumer Financial Lenders: Short-Term Lending, Personal Lenders, PayDay Lenders, Cash Advance, Check-Cashing Services, Collections on small loans. State-licensed, Tribal-based, high-Interest, small dollar lenders. Loan Servicers, CSO/CAB Lenders. Loan Management and Loan Origination Software companies.

Overall Guideline for Applied Effort:

DIRECT SALES - 50%Selling Direct to Lenders. Research and Identify candidates in the market in order to approach and sell directly to.
STRATEGIC EFFORTS - 25%Networking Events, Strategic partnerships w/ Referring Partners to perform JV, LinkedIN networking/Group Building & Topic posting, Event Hosting/Sponsoring, Webinar/Demo Hosting
REFERRING PARTNER - 15%Acquisition of other ISO/MSP sales agents and partners who will act as a Sales Opportunity Funnel. This includes: *(See Below)
AGENT RECRUITING - 5%Sub-Agent Sales Agent acquisition/support/motivation

*Referring Partners:

  • Service Providers to the Consumer Lending Industry: (Lead Generators, Underwriting/Credit Bureaus, Compliance providers, Consultants, Marketers, Attorneys, etc.)
  • Loan Management Software(s)
  • Loan Servicers
  • Banks/Financial Institutions

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