LMS Integration

Once upon a time, this level of automation was available only to large enterprise lending institutions. With the arrival of LoanPaymentPro, even consumer lenders with minimal transactional volume can enhance their borrowers’ experiences (and ultimately their customer retention rate) with our comprehensive, technology-driven loan processing solutions.

Already integrated with over 30+ of the most commonly used LMS providers, LoanPaymentPro’s API integration into your existing loan management software (LMS), loan origination software (LOS) or point-of-sale (POS) system will be seamless.

Unify your processing under one comprehensive technology solution with LoanPaymentPro. Contact us now for a free demonstration, or to learn more about our end-to-end processing solution for your consumer lending needs.

Since our technology is already integrated with most major LMS providers, our API functionality integrates seamlessly with your loan management software, point of sale system and customer resource management platforms. The result is a feature-rich user experience that is highly customizable.

Lender ACH Processing Features

When you choose LoanPaymentPro for ACH payment processing, you have the option to integrate our platform seamlessly into your current loan management software (LMS) or POS system using an API integration approach. This option enhances and streamlines the repayment process for your borrowers.

Integrate the LoanPaymentPro platform with your loan management software (LMS), loan origination software (LOS) or point of sale (POS) system for seamless and comprehensive consumer-facing and in-house experiences. Our platform leverages RESTful API technology to facilitate integration and provide the full-featured experience that your customers demand. Our platform already integrates fully with more than 30 of the industry’s most commonly used LMS platforms.

Integration with LMS

Integrating LoanPaymentPro with your existing loan management software (LMS) system is a simple yet powerful way to improve the customer experience. We are already integrated with most major LMS providers, ensuring your onboarding experience will be efficient and secure. This approach can also simplify the loan repayment process, allowing borrowers to make a payment anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

LoanPaymentPro is designed for a smooth integration in all the top LMS platforms that consumer lenders use today. We are constantly updating and improving our technology to ensure that our customers enjoy the maximum flexibility for seamless integration and branding of our loan payment processing platform.

Benefits of Loan Management Software Integration

When you integrate LoanPaymentPro with your legacy LMS system, this synergistic alliance facilitates a truly customized online loan management experience for your borrowers, as well as your own team.

The result of integration is flexible and unique platform upon which loan application and management, payment disbursement and collection, reporting, tracking, and a host of other functions are brought together in a single, streamlined package.

The customer-facing aspect of LMS integration will earn the trust and respect of your customers, as they can access their information and perform tasks quickly, securely, and intuitively.

In-house, you will also enjoy a wealth of useful tools that include data queries, analytics, customized reporting and more. With the ability to automate functions you currently handle manually, you can do more in less time, preserving precious human and financial resources to further your lending capabilities.

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