End-to-End Processing

In conjunction with our innovative debt repayment acceptance platform, LoanPaymentPro offers a powerful end-to-end processing solution for lenders.

The heart of our platform is the technology-driven loan payment processing system. Our platform helps you increase loan approval rates, decrease default rates, and reduce missed payments – but LoanPaymentPro offers so much more for anyone operating in the short-term B2B or consumer lending arena.

Our platform was created for lenders, by lenders, to provide a highly compliant and cost-effective loan processing solution. Our goal is to help you increase operational efficiency, transform the borrower experience and, ultimately, improve your portfolio’s performance.

Comprehensive Loan Processing Solutions

Our payment processing solutions are designed to provide a variety of distinct advantages to anyone operating in the consumer lending vertical. Processing and servicing short-term and small-dollar consumer loans can pose challenges – whether regulatory, technology-based, etc., all of which our payment processing solutions and proprietary functionalities were designed to overcome.

Automating processes doesn’t automatically improve your efficiency, however. When you choose LoanPaymentPro, you will benefit from our platform’s inherent ability to optimize through automation.

Our solutions are scalable down to individual tasks. You will enjoy greater control over your loan origination process, increased organizational knowledge, and deeper insight. You can reduce operational costs and reduce risk while increasing your efficiency, transparency, and capacity.

Create a Seamless Borrower Experience

As amazing as the in-house opportunities are, LoanPaymentPro’s end-to-end processing solutions are equally beneficial on the customer-facing front.

With our technology in place, you will be better prepared to meet the needs of your borrowers. You can serve customers more effectively, respond to their needs more quickly, and provide the information they require without placing any strain on company resources.

Although our processing platform comes complete with all the robust functionality you need, you also have the ability to customize many functions and features. One of the key features your borrowers will love is the ability to process loan payments at any time of the day or night, using a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. They can even pay using multiple types of credit and debit cards, ensuring payments are made on time with minimal hassle.

Enhance Your Brand

Once upon a time, this level of automation was available only to large enterprise lending institutions. With the arrival of LoanPaymentPro, even consumer lenders with minimal transactional volume can enhance their borrowers’ experiences (and ultimately their customer retention rate) with our comprehensive, technology-driven loan processing solutions.

Already integrated with over 30+ of the most commonly used LMS providers, LoanPaymentPro’s API integration into your existing loan management software (LMS), loan origination software (LOS) or point-of-sale (POS) system will be seamless.

Unify your processing under one comprehensive technology solution with LoanPaymentPro. Contact us now for a free demonstration, or to learn more about our end-to-end processing solution for your consumer lending needs.

All the Tools You Need 
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We are a revolutionary merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry.


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