Differentiators and Sales Strategy


- Automated Compliance Adherence within our payment gateway

- Limiting transactions to certain states specifically (where licensed)
- Filtering non-compliant card instruments
- Application of Convenience fee where applicable
- Visa Debt Repayment Program variance for Payday and Auto-Title

- Most competitive rates, as we are a wholesale direct acquirer with an all-inclusive platform that we control

- Full Visa/MasterCard Real-time Disbursement (NOT on a PINless debit network)

- 100% instrument reach and support
- Fully supporting BOTH Visa and MasterCard and ALL card types (debit, check, prepaid, reloadable, etc)

- Enhanced solutions for Card-Not-Present and web-based payments

- Only processor in debt repayment to offer One-time use child authentication keys
- Token management and
- Proprietary Card Validation and Verification feature
- Embedded user controls with web hooks into custom LMS, making it easy to integrate
- Hosted payment form

- SDLR (CFPB’s Small Dollar Lending Rule) – Payment Provision

- LPP is ONLY processor to provide a 2-step Auth and Capture process (thus allowing and supporting lenders to NOT only fully comply with the rules, but not let it negatively affect them. This is due to the Authorization ONLY function NOT being considered as a payment attempt, as it’ is ONLY a function to identify if funds are available. If the funds are available, then a 2nd transaction unction is executed in the form of a “Capture”, which will then withdraw the funds from the card-holder’s account through a settlement process.

Other talking points:

1. -Card Brand Rules, Updates, and Programs
-We’ve seen continued support from both Visa and MasterCard, on both card-acceptance and instant funding and disbursements.

-Debt Repayment Program and Consumer Loans program that offer many benefits to lenders that help increase payment success rates and approval with payment attempts
-Variance Programs that support certain loan products

-Visa's future anticipated amendments to fully support Payday/Single-Pay (how will this be affected by new Administration)

-PCI Compliance

2. -Technology/Strategy
-Making use of Push-to-Card Instant Funding
-Real-time Card Verification and Validation
-Customer Initiated Payments
-Web Portal
-IVR Automated Phone Payments
-How to apply Convenience Fees to Debit Card payments
-Using a penny push to tie a debit card to a bank account using Instant Funding and IBV together
-Simple ways to collect and store card-data with tokens
-Hosted Payment Forms and taking card payments effectively

3. -CFPB Payment Provision and how it affects Debit Card Payments

-PCI Compliance....Hosted Token form capture and hosted payment forms within your portal. (simple and easy to integrate)
*Lenders need to be prepared within their LMS to accept Debit Card Payments
*Text-to-Pay (Increase payment success rates, and ease of payments)
*Ease of use and building trust with your borrower when taking payments and capturing card data

All the Tools You Need 
Within one single platform

We are a revolutionary merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry.


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Michael Scott 
Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin

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