Debit & Credit Card Acceptance

Easily and securely accept your borrowers’ credit and debit card payments around the clock with our single-source debit card processing platform. LoanPaymentPro offers a fully automated solution with industry-setting low rates and transaction fees. Our patent-pending Verification technology maximizes payment acceptance while filtering out fraudulent debit card payment types, reducing your potential liability and maximizing your debt repayment rates.

Debit & Credit Card Acceptance

LoanPaymentPro is the leading debit and credit card loan payment processing platform designed for short-term and small-dollar lenders who demand an effective, reliable, and affordable way to process credit card transactions for loan payments.

We offer maximum flexibility with the most competitive rates in the industry, allowing lenders to benefit from both revenue growth and cost reduction. Because today’s borrowers strongly prefer to make their payments via debit card, you will see a marked increase in customer satisfaction. This leads to repeat business and enthusiastic referrals.

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We are a revolutionary merchant service and technology firm servicing the debt repayment industry.

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