Debit and Credit Card Processing

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LoanPaymentPro is the debit and credit card loan payment processing platform designed for short-term and small-dollar lenders who demand the an effective, reliable, and affordable way to process credit card transactions for loan payments.

We offer maximum flexibility with the most competitive rates in the industry, allowing lenders to benefit from both revenue growth and cost reduction. Because today’s borrowers strongly prefer to make their payments via debit card, you will see a marked increase in customer satisfaction. This leads to repeat business and enthusiastic referrals.

Benefits of Our Credit & Debit Card Processing Platform

LoanPaymentPro’s patent-pending technology solution is designed to increase the percentage of your borrowers who pay on time while also providing the reliable fund disbursement they’ve come to rely on and expect. We help decrease your default rate and improve borrower satisfaction by expanding your payment solutions.

Our full-service technology platform allows you to accept the widest possible variety of debit card acceptance – approximately 35% more than you could otherwise – while filtering out non-compliant and potentially fraudulent types of payment remittance. At the same time, our proprietary payment validation and verification functions help decrease fraud, mitigate risk, and increase your borrowers’ successful repayments.

Our intuitive interface is highly customizable, offering the ability to reconcile with your LMS, void transactions, issue refunds, print receipts and more. You can manage multiple locations and generate customize reporting. You can even integrate our platform into your current LMS or POS via API for seamless branding.

Why LoanPaymentPro?

We are an established merchant services and payment processing technology company. Our debit card processing functionality was developed by experienced lenders who understand the challenges faced by short-term and small-dollar consumer lenders today.

We have established relationships with the major debit card companies, including Mastercard and Visa. Ours is the only compliant payment processing platform that the Card Brands Association recognizes for its enforcement of their rules and requirements. As a direct acquirer, we have cultivated exclusive relationships with multiple domestic sponsor banks. We offer an interchange discount program, same-day and next-day funding, and the lowest possible fees in the consumer lending industry.

Is LoanPaymentPro’s Debit Card Processing Platform Right for You?

Our fully featured platform is ideal for all types of consumer lending operations, including:

  • State-Licensed Lenders
  • Tribal Lenders
  • Brick-and-mortar lenders
  • Storefront lenders
  • Marketplace lenders
  • SME/SMB lenders
  • Installment lenders
  • Online lenders
  • Loan servicers

Our platform also works exceptionally well for a variety of alternative financial services such as digital and mobile banking applications, financial wellness firms, and income advance providers. We can process credit card transactions for currency exchanges, check cashing centers, bill payment services and MTL businesses.

Contact us now if you would like to learn more about our revolutionary credit card processing platform built for lenders or explore how easy it is to get set up with LoanPaymentPro.

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