Card Validation

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your borrower is giving you a valid and active Debit Card, that is actually tied to their bank account and has their name on it? LoanPaymentPro offers a proprietary bank card validation product that allows you, as a lender, to identify in real-time if their card is both open, active and most importantly, valid!

Proper Validation = Increased Payment Approvals and decreased failed payments.


Simply put, making use of proper validation will reduce and lower your FPD rate (First Payment Default).

You can implement our bank card validation via API and integrate the endpoint into your loan software or Point of Sale (POS) platform. You can also use our validation tool that is built into the web portal and Virtual Terminal.

For simple validations, you can validate with our endpoint and receive a base response indicating the validity of the payment card consisting of:

  • Status Codes ranging from “Success” to “Failure”
  • A Base True/False result answer to “Is this a valid Payment Instrument?”
  • Response Code mapped to the reason for the validation result.
  • A Unique ID for your own record keeping

When you validate with our validate/detailed endpoint, you will not only get a validation result, but an in-depth breakdown of (Address Verification System) AVS and CVV Validation also including


  • AVS Validation Result Response Code and Message
  • CVV (Card Verification Value) Validation Result Response Code and Message

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