Account Verification

Similar to Card Validation, LoanPaymentPro offers verification for bank accounts. This will increase your payment success rate with ACH and lower both your failed payments and your insufficient funds return rate.


We have several options for account verification. Whether it’s account identification of ownership, bank account verification, or account scoring with our negative database lookup, you’ll always improve your payment efficiency and effectiveness when you make use of this product feature.


Verification Services:

PrevPay is a LoanPaymentPro product. It is a negative database of every bank account that has ever come through our system, with records in the millions. It provides real-time declines based upon any invalid or closed accounts, and has the ability to decline based on chargeback history. As soon as a return is imported into our system, PrevPay is updated, and will stop any additional transactions that have a negative return associated with it.


In addition to the PrevPay features, PrevPay Plus utilizes additional logic to include Pattern Matching and Machine Learning, which provides a more comprehensive verification product.


LoanPaymentPro and Accelitas have launched a strategic partnership to deliver frictionless account validation and payment processing for companies required to make financial decisions at “the speed of now.” Accelitas offers three BAV products, targeting lower value/lower risk ACH transactions, higher value/higher risk transactions, and an FCRA version with real-time consumer behavioral data that can be used for Adverse Action purposes. 

Ai Validate Bank Data

is an account validation service that combines our proprietary analytics in risk modeling to produce indicators on the validity, association and the risk of the bank account information submitted. This service is typically used for lower value/lower risk ACH transactions (e.g., utility payment at account opening).


Ai Validate BAV

leverages the same powerful analytics but adds unique data sources that are tuned for higher value/higher risk ACH transactions, where the client either does not want or cannot use FCRA data for BAV. Real-time bank account transactional data & status is leveraged (e.g., auto loan payment at account opening).

BD Verify

is an account validation service that combines their proprietary analytics in risk modeling to produce indicators on the validity, association, and the risk of the bank account information submitted. This service is typically used for lower value/lower risk ACH transactions (e.g., utility payment at account opening).



Microbilt has a database of negative scoring bank accounts. They pull their information from Processors (like our PrevPay service), and Third-Party Verification Systems, such as Early Warning, which is one of the largest verification systems available today. This database only includes the negative scores and does not have the ability to confirm if the bank account has any funds.


If a transaction is submitted and the bank information has scored a zero or a positive score, it will be accepted. This means that we will attempt to process the transaction. The transaction can still be returned for insufficient funds, a chargeback, or payment stopped. 


Another common return that can make it through the verification process is if the transaction is not coded correctly. If the bank information is for a savings account but it is coded as a checking account, it can be returned as an R03 (no account, unable to locate account). It would make it through the verification because it exists, but since it is not coded correctly, it will not process. Because the ACH standard funding schedule is three (3) business days, this should reduce NSF returns.

  • Each return reason receives a different score, which will factor into their overall score.
  • You will receive a real-time response when the transaction is submitted.



This database will verify the individual’s identity based on name, address, phone number, date of birth, driver’s license, and social security number. NACHA requires that for WEB and TEL transactions, a reasonable method must be used to verify the consumer. LexisNexis meets that need by running the submitted information against not only the credit bureau header (to confirm if the information matches what is on record), but additional verification databases as well. The database contains billions of records. If the information matches, the transaction passes to origination. If it fails, the transaction is declined.


There are two options:

  • OPTION 1:
  • This system holds both positive and negative data. It will tell you if there are funds in the account.
  • It does not give you a total, and it could be any positive amount (i.e. $0.10

or $10,000)

  • Real-time response when the transaction is submitted
  • OPTION 2:
  • This option has the same positive and negative data as Option 1.
  • Can confirm that the account has enough funds to cover the transaction (but

not an exact amount).

  • There is still the risk that the client can use or withdraw those funds prior to

the transaction hitting the account.

  • Not a real-time response, as it can take up to 24 hours for the complete


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