Our team of seasoned experts know what it takes to succeed in the consumer lending industry.

LoanPaymentPro is one of the most powerful, most effective payment processors available today.
Behind our dynamic, full-service payment processing technology is a team of seasoned experts whose industry experience spans from beginning to end of the consumer lending spectrum. As former lenders, lead generators, and merchant service providers, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in the consumer lending industry.

Our platform was developed by a team that understands the daily challenges you face from first-hand experience. We have crafted a robust suite of real-world solutions that solves your most pressing challenges and eases your most troublesome pain points.

Designed By Lenders, For Lenders

With almost four decades of collective leadership experience -- in loan origination, payment processing, fintech and business development – our team has put our wealth of knowledge to work for you. We began by identifying every pain point that we faced during the consumer lender experience, and we went to work on solving every single one. LoanPaymentPro offers a “push-and-pull” processing platform that lets you say “yes” to every possible need of your borrowers.
Can I repay my loan using a debit card? Yes!
Can I get my loan deposited directly into my bank account? Yes!
Is my personal financial information safe and secure with you? Yes!
Can I find all the info I need on your feature-rich online payment portal? Yes!
Can I make payments anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device? Yes!
Can I verify in real time that you received my payment? Yes!

LoanPaymentPro is ideal for:

State-Licensed Lenders
Sovereign Lenders
Brick-and-Mortar Lenders
Online Lenders
Consumer Lenders
Peer-To-Peer Lenders
Marketplace Lenders
Money Service Businesses
Loan Servicers
Alternative Financial Services
Our platform is state, federal, and local law compliant. We are also compliant with Card Association Rules & Regulations and the proposed CFPB rules.

"One of the standout features of LoanPaymentPro is its intuitive design. Navigating through the platform was a breeze, and I quickly found all the necessary tools to manage my loan payments effectively. The user interface was clean, visually appealing, and logically organized, making it easy for even those with limited technical expertise to use."

Mark S.

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"We brought LPP on as our credit card processor in several locations and the integration was seamless. More importantly, the customer service is unparalleled."

John G.

Do More With Less

Our overarching focus is helping you expand your capacity while reducing drain on your resources. This includes automating tasks you formerly had to perform manually, putting powerful data analytics at your fingertips, helping expedite loan approvals, getting payments into your hands quicker and more consistently, and much, much more. Here are just a few more of the capabilities we put directly into your hands.
Highly Customizable Interface
Tokenized Payment Types
Push-To-Card Instant Funding
Debit Card Processing
Customer Management Capabilities
Recurring Billings, Scheduled Payments
Detailed Analytics and Reporting
Chargeback and Return Management
Developer Center Sandbox and RESTful API
With LoanPaymentPro, you will enjoy real-time payment type validation, funds verification IBV, SMS/text payment authorization, automatic account updater, and multiple layer encryption.

Start innovating with
LoanPaymentPro today!

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